About us

 This is Us, Little Frog.

We are a Polish family company, founded by Marzena and Patryk, parents of three children.  The history of Little Frog began in 2012, while our adventure with slings started 4 years earlier, in 2008, when our second daughter, Pola, was born. We started carrying her from the first days in a woven sling and fell in love with slings at first sight. This piece of fabric, in addition to mobility and free hands, gave us a sense of closeness and confidence in our parenting.

 It was an intense time, the sling accompanied us every day - especially Marzena, who, being active in sling groups, started to become passionate about it, while changing slings more often than gloves.In the meantime, she completed the babywearing consultant course at Die Trageschule Dresden and began to infect other parents with slinging.  

In 2011, the desire arose to create her own collection of slings - good quality and affordable, and most importantly made in Poland. It took almost a year of searching for a weaving mill and the right yarn, as well as the necessary trials, tests and certifications that would give us the product we were looking for. And finally it worked - the first fabrics arrived: Aquamarine, Amazonite and Ruby. We sewed the first Little Frog slings in a friendly tailor's shop and sold them in our eco-parent shop "Green Mama".The slings quickly found new owners, and we gradually expanded our offer with more products and a range of colours: jacquard slings, ergonomic carriers, covers or bamboo nappies. 

In 2018, our son Bruno was born, thanks to whom we had the opportunity to extensively test our products on the go. Trips far and near are a passion of ours, and thanks to the slings and carriers, this is much easier.

Our priority was, and is, to create high-quality products, in a wide range of colours and textures, and at the same time affordable for everyone.  We are also committed to being local - so we only use nearby weaving mills and sew all products in our own sewing room, so we have a say in every stage of production.  We are proud that this has not changed. We are even more pleased that our products are recognised worldwide - we have shipped to more than 85 countries to date.  

Our small, family-run company is based in Wroclaw - here our team sews, quality controls, stores and ships our products to you.We put a lot of heart and some magic dust into it ;)