Few rules how all Little Frog wraps should be treated:

  1. First of all, you must primarily follow the instructions found on product tags
  2. We recommend washing wraps before first use. Temperature should be 30°C, 40°C or 60°C degrees depending on the maximum allowable temperature for each wrap (placed on the product tag).Originally, Little Frog wraps are about 5% longer and slightly shrink after the first washing.
  3. Wraps should be washed in small amounts of detergents. We do not recommend the use of softeners, because they can have an impact on the structure of the individual fibers of the material.
  4. Of course, try to avoid situation when wraps contact while washing with other elements such as velcro, hooks or sharp locks.
  5. Generally we don’t recommended scalding and drying Little Frog wraps in dryers


Wraps with a of merino wool

It is recommended to do short hand wash without soaking in mild detergents. The water temperature should be at 30°C. Wraps after rinsing should be immediately drain (without long-term leave in the water). No mechanically spin or twist in your hand. Next, hang in a ventilated area. Do not bleach. Iron at low temperature (the temperature should not exceed 110°C). Do not tumble dry.


Wraps with linen

It is recommended to wash wraps at 40°C. Higher temperatures may cause an increase in shrinkage and color fading. Do not  chlorinated. Chlorine destroys the fabric fibers. Flax centrifuge should not be hard to prevent creasing. After washing, stretch  the wrap and hung in a ventilated area. Linen should be ironed when it is still wet, it is proper not to dry linen completly. If you need please moist the wrap before ironing. A good solution is to steam iron. Do not tumble dry.


Wraps with bamboo

It is recommended to do hand washing  at temperatures up to 30°C. Care must be taken, because it is fabric which may  pill and shrink more than other wraps.


Cotton wraps

We recommend washing at 40°C. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Iron at 110°C - 150°C. After washing, stretch and hang in a ventilated area.